Access for Knowledge Learning Center

617 Main Street
Children learn as easily as they breathe. They touch, they listen, they taste, they see, they ask questions. They are always learning.

If this is true, how can it be that a child could have a learning problem, achieve low grades or fall behind in his studies?

As children enter school, teaching often replaces learning and what was once spontaneous and joyful gives way to the need to conform and compete.    All children are different, and sometimes it is difficult or impossible for a child to conform to the educational demands of the classroom or to keep up with the clock, which never ceases to march ahead, leaving the child behind.

Each Access for Knowledge Learning Center offers the combination of a proven regimen of prescriptive learning and Access tools for improving self-esteem and promoting a healthy, joyous self-image.  When the joy gets back into learning, students begin to succeed.

Christine DiDomenico, Director

The Director of the Access for Knowledge Learning Center at Sparkill is Christine DiDomenico, who has been teaching in public schools in New York State for over 26  years.

During her years as a teacher, Christine has devised and implemented many innovative and successful teaching tools for her students.  Her passion is to empower and allow all children to be successful.  Her students learn to go beyond their perceived boundaries and make important life choices from a place of confidence and knowing.