Abigail Rose & Lily Too

500 Piermont Avenue‬
Abigail Rose is a unique woman's clothing store with an emphasis on natural fibers, comfort and quality. Along with beautiful clothing, we feature amazing scarves, bags and jewelry as well as a special selection of children's clothing.   For 25 years we have been welcoming customers to our shop in scenic Piermont, NY. From the beginning we have encouraged and carried emerging designers, many of whom now have their own stores in Soho and Nolita.

My interest in textiles led me to open a yarn and fabric store in Brooklyn, N.Y. in the 1970's called By Hand. At that time many women were knitting, sewing and quilting, and the store did well. Along with my partner, Lise Williams, we often made samples to inspire our customers and found that people always wanted to buy them. So we started buying a few lines of clothing, as well as some accessories. Needless to say, that part of the business did very well, and when I moved with my family to Piermont, I decided to open a store featuring natural fiber clothing for women and girls.

My love of textiles has always served me well in choosing the clothing and accessories for Abigail Rose. I am always searching for new lines that not only have great style and fit, but are made with wonderful fabric. Because of this, there is always a richness of color and texture evident when you enter the store.

– Bonnie Chapin